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Sukkot, Hannah


This week the Jewish holiday Sukkot is celebrated.

Type your cut contents here.Purpose of Sukkot is to remind the Jewish people of Exodus, the forty years that the Israelites have wandered through the desert. Centre of the festival are self-made shelters, the so-called sukka’s. These huts symbolize the booths the Israelites had to live in during their wanderings in the desert. During this week seven ‘special guests’ are invited in the hut, in earlier times all biblical male figures, the so-called "forefathers", nowadays often also biblical female figures, "fore-mothers". Pictures of these forefathers and -mothers are hung on the walls of the Sukka. According to ancient kabbalistic tradition, each of these men and women is associated with one of the seven spiritual attributes of God, later on with seven of the Kabbalah’s sephirot of the Tree of Life.

This week I invite seven foremothers in my blog, Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Abigail, Hulda and Esther, each on one day, to teach me something. 

Today I invite Hannah in my blog. Her picture hangs on the wall. Hannah is associated with the virtue selflessness and the sephira Netzach (Eternity) on the Tree of Life.  What does Hannah teach me today? 


The card I have pulled as a response to this question is Five of Wands from the Tarot of the 78 Doors. This card shows aptly my feelings. I want to change certain situations in my life, but I cannot. I am frustrated so much that I see myself standing as the man on the card seeking an opening, wanting even to force an entry, force a change. 


Hannah does not have a child. She desperately wants a child, but her womb stays closed. She cannot do anything besides praying and crying. When she prays for a child in the temple she cries so much the priest thinks that she is drunk. When she says she is not drunk but praying, the priest promises her that she will be given what she is asking for.

Hannah is an expert in waiting and in crying, in mourning the child she does not have. In doing this she teaches me to feel sorrow, to cry about the changes that will not come, possibly never.

Next to the man on the card there is a tree with green, young leaves. The man does not see them. Hannah shows them  to me I would almost say, at least I can see them. Is there a promise of something new? Will something change, unexpectedly? Well, I do not know about that, but I shall be able to cope better with the lack of change, if I feel sorrow instead of frustration. That is new life for me. 

On the photo: At  the leftside is in this sukka a poster that shows the forefathers.
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