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Sukkot, Hulda


This week is the Jewish festival Sukkot. To celebrate this holiday I invite each day a foremother in my blog, that is for this week changed in a virtual Sukkah. Each of these mothers have something special to teach me. Every day I ask a teaching by one of them, and pull a card that shows me that.

You can read more about Sukkot, the tradition of Sukkah and the foremothers in the entry of October 6 st.

Today I invite the prophetess Hulda in my blog. Her picture hangs on my virtual Sukkah-wall. Hulda is associated with the virtue discrimination and the sephira Yesod (Foundation).

What does Hulda have to teach me today? 


The card I have pulled as a response to this question is Three of Pentacles from the Tarot of Doors. Depicted is a man who is crafting a door. 


I was surprised pulling this card. It is such a friendly card. Hulda is not friendly at all, or rather, God is not friendly at all, for Hulda tells the messages of God. Rather harsh they are, and judging: “I will bring harm to the city, because you have not taken attention of me, you all did not went my ways!”. The King in the story is praised: “You will die in peace”, Hulda says to the king who has found the law of God and repents his deeds, “because you have opened up your heart to God.”

I myself am harsh and judgemental to others and also to myself (you can read this overt or between the lines in my foremother-entries). I do not like this trait in myself, and therefore I do not like it when I see it in others, in God, and Hulda here.

Yesod, the sephirah that is the place of Hulda in the Tree of Life, is about transformation, doing things in another way; it is about change. And I must say, transformation involves judgement and discrimination. One leaves patterns that are limiting and develops beneficial ones. This is discrimination.

Hulda has something to teach me about discrimination through the card I have pulled. She teaches me to discriminate, but with a goal. Hulda praised the king who had opened his heart to God and she encourages me to do the same. She does that by showing me not to look at what irritates me, but to open my heart for the good things in myself and others, the constructive ones, those that are beneficial to me. That is important because these give my life a foundation. Thus, Hulda teaches me to discriminate with a goal, a positive one, and in that way to open up my heart to God.

Remark: the English translation does not speak of a heart, the Dutch does.
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