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A Hermit Smile


Today I have asked for the blessing of the day. Since it is Sunday I have picked my card from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar, a deck inspired by Russian Orthodox icons. I have pulled the Hermit as the card for my blessing.

The past few days have been a sort of rollercoaster for us, because today is my daughters’ birthday, and I was ill the past couple of days. The birthday meant baking brownies on Thursday, so she could hand them out on Friday (my husband did that because I was in bed all day). It meant buying all sorts of material on Saturday for her party on Monday, and going to the library for a version of the Swan Lake, which is the theme of the party tomorrow (this all by me with shawls and wobbly legs). And then of course we had to prepare the party somewhere between a sermon that had to be written by my husband and my letter of appliance that had to be written, checked and rewritten. And during all this I was worrying (see yesterdays entry) about an issue I had to take action on.

Today, for the first time in days, I felt a smile coming on my lips. I felt myself melting from the inside. It went away again, but it has been there a few times.

Somehow, many Hermits are not hermitlike in tarot-decks They are strolling up mountains enthusiastically, waive with their sticks or are handing out lots of healing energy. The Hermit from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar is just like that, very active. Depicted is John the Baptist with gesticulating hands, preaching. He resembles me while worrying, because at these times I am preaching to myself, calling up all sorts of arguments.

It is the moment that this Hermit, John the Baptist, stops preaching, that is the blessing of my day, because then the smile from my inside can come unto my lips.

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