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Swan Lake Party


Today I was totally involved in the Swan Lake Ballet, because that was the theme of my daughters’ 10th birthday party we were having today. 


What touched me in the party was the moment I saw the girls at the party dancing on the music of the intro of the Swan Lake (by Tchaikovsky). We did not ask them to dance, it was their own initiative. Seeing them dance made me think of the story of Ugly Duck, the little one that  will turn into a lovely swan, these girls are yet so young, some of them so unconfortably with their bodies. Later on they had to dance a part of the ballet, focusing on expressing emotions, which we first practiced in little groups.

They liked it all, me telling the story, and the planning of their balllets together, but what they liked best was the making of a sort of “ballroom-booklet”, five stapled pages in different colors. On each page of it they had to write the title of a song they would like to dance on, make a little drawing, decorate it with a glitter glue pencil, and stick on some shiny stickers that I bought. They so liked making a beautiful booklet with their own songs – that ranged from Shakira’s “My hips don’t lie”, to self-made summer-camp songs, and songs they had just learn to play on the piano- that they kept coming back to it in between the other activities, to add a sticker or to write something with the glitter-pencils. 

I had to make an example of a "ballroom-booklet" myself, and I liked doing it as well. I would be nice if I could think of something like that for adults and with tarot. Something with shiny stickers.

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