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An End


Today something came to an end. Three years ago I started with a tarot-class for beginners in a little metaphysical shop in a town called Sneek with three students. Today two of them finished the last lesson (The World) from the course about the Major Arcana. They are well-informed about the tarot now, and read its language fluently. We had cake with candles to celebrate this event (and of course we did some tarot as well).

Today I asked: “someting to be grateful for”.

The card I received as an image to reflect the answer is Ace of Worlds from the Voyager Tarot. 


The Ace of Pentacles can be seen as a gift. This course has been a gift to me. The writing of it has structured my life for two-and-a half-years, and I am grateful for what this course has brought me: I have learned that I could write my lessons by hand, and that my students did not mind. By writing the course I have learned many, many things about tarot. And I am grateful for these students who came into my life, because I've learned from them as well.

Aces are new beginnings. Endings are new beginnings as well.

Tags: ace of pentacles, something to be grateful for, voyager tarot
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