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Today I have asked the question to the tarot: "Who am I today?" Since it is Halloween shortly, I use the Halloween Tarot. That will help me to come in the spirit of that intruiging holiday. 


Imps, nice little fiery devils, are fighting on this card. Down-left on the left of the card is a cat pictured, wide-eyed with its hairs in the air. The moon looks down dissaprovingly.

Often Five of Wands (the equivalent of this card) shows the seeker that there is an inner conflict in him or her. I woke up with my daughter throwing up on the floor. Bad timing. We had promised to go to my mother, and it was necessary to go, since she has a broken wrist and a bad back because she has made a fall. I felt really bad about going for my sick daughter, but also about not-going, for my mother. This inner conflict is symbolized by the fighting imps.

We went, and my daughter did not feel well, but not too bad (and I was not that bad a mother). 

(Edited in later, because a part of te text is lost.)
A card that reflects one during the day refers to more than one situation. I had applied for a job at a Dominican centre to organize courses. Regretfully I am not invited. That did not help my mood.
(End of inserted text.)     

And how do the cat and the moon fit in all this? The cat is shocked that I am not invited, that makes his hear stand up (and he does not like the fighting). The moon -our mother goddess- dissaproves as well, and thinks I should comfort myself a bit, instead of being irritated.

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