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'Touchstone' Card



Oh, this Page of Ghosts (the equivalent of Page of Cups) is a real vulnerable one. Maybe it is the face without mask that makes this little ghost so open, or the whiteness of his sheet, his childish sneakers, or even more maybe it is the attempt of being a scary ghost, which evidently does not work. In any case, he feels as very vulnerable ghost to me.

The "Ghost-suit" is the equivalent for the Cups. Ghost are fluent, just as water, have no boundaries, and are also even changeable as water. They belong to Halloween, because they are dead, and on a deep level Halloween is about death, and our relationship with death and dead people (among other things).

I have pulled this card as a 'touchstone' for this day, on which we celebrate the 75th birthday of my mother-in-law. The 'touchstone' card is a one-card-spread-of-the-day created by Amber Jayanti. The aim of the 'touchstone' is that you during the day have the possibility to check if you are on the right track (the most beneficial one).

Well, What is my right track today? My daughter who was ill -and whom I still took to my mothers', for my mother has a broken wrist and a bad back, and I had promised to to care for her for a day or two- feels much better now. I do not have to worry about her right now.

I think I will benefit from the day if I am open to others and towards myself, exploring my feelings about what will happen and the people I will meet. Possibly it is also beneficial for me to explore my feelings about what has happened here in Driebergen, while I cared for my mother. Pages are of the exploring kind, and this page explores his feelings.

On the right is a letter, I find this letter very intriguing. What is it doing there? Maybe I get a message of sorts... Pages, and especially the Pages of Cups, are receivers of messages and ghosts sometimes give messages. I already have the letter in which is written that I am not invited for a job-interview tat the Dominicans, so it cannot be that.

Who knows what message will be there for me on this day....
Tags: halloween tarot, page of cups, touchstone-card

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