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The Lazy Sister

My Card of the Day is Six of Cups from the Gilded Tarot. Two children play in a meadow, surrounded by huge cups of flowers. A sweet and gentle card. 


One thing to be and one thing to do today... What does this card tell me about that?

Yesterday I created a judgment-spread. I did along the lines of the fairytale "Frau Holle" ( It is a tale about two sisters. Frau Holle rewards the hardworking sister with gold and the lazy one with tar. 'Hardworking' means here: take responsibility for your life and for other beings, even if that involves suffering. 'Laziness' means here, not taking responsibility.

I divided the deck in two piles, a pile for each sister. Left, the lazy sister, right, the ´hardworking one. The Ace of Swords represented frau Holle as the 'inner judge'. The Ace can only be in one of the two piles. In my case it was in the pile of the lazy sister. So I was the lazy sister. It struck me hard, really.

There I was, photocopies scattered al around, heaps of books on my desk, I was in fact working very hard. But that's not what it's about, of course.

Next, I picked a card (from the lazy sister pile) that showed me the reason why I was the lazy one. I got Harvest, Nine of Worlds from the Voyager Tarot.I is a 'nine', which means that a cycle is completed. The card is about harvesting, and also about enjoying your harvest. 


The gentle Six of Cups, my Card of the Day, helps me understand a bit why I am the lazy sister. I just work. I do not play. I am too serious. I do not enjoy my harvest.
Therefore, I'll do my work playfully from now on (not much left of the day). I will give thanks for my harvest, and I'll enjoy it.

This sounds as if I do not mean it.
I am just so busy.
Tags: gilded tarot, nine of pentacles, six of cups, spread, voyager tarot

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