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My Vampire-Like Quality


Tomorrow it is Halloween. I already have explored my quality as a witch and as a ghost, now I explore my quality as a vampire. For this I use the Gothic Tarot of Vampires.

I have pulled the Chariot from this deck, called the ‘Hunt’ in the world of vampires. Depicted is a woman who has beaten a man. The man is lying on the ground, and she shall bite him in a moment.

That woman is typical me, I am afraid. Sometimes, if I want something I have this feeling that I go over dead bodies. At those times I am so aimed and focused on my goal that I sacrifice the needs of others for that. Often I also sacrifice parts of myself if I really want something. For example, sometimes when I have pain I still go on doing with what I am doing, while it would be better to stop and rest. My quality as a vampire is the ability to go after what I want and making victims in that process.

Yes, I am a real vampire.

Tags: chariot, gothic tarot of vampires

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