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A Goddes of Creation

Today I have pulled a card as a ‘touch-stone’ card. You can use such a card during the day to check if you are on the right track. I drew the Knight of Wands from the Animals Divine Tarot.

Each card in this deck is styled by a god or a goddess. These gods and goddesses make every card as ‘major’ as a Major Arcana card, even bigger and more complicated than those cards. My touch-stone card, The Knight of Wands is associated with Yhi, an Aboriginal goddess of creation (creation is focused energy, that is the link with the Knight of Wands). Thus I connected today with a goddess of creation. 


I did not connect so much with the card itself this morning, but I did read in the accompanying book about my card during breakfast. Since I was away during the rest of the day, I could not see the card anymore, and only remembered a phrase from the book, about the goddess Yhi who walks over the earth. Wherever she walked growing things sprouted up behind her.

Whenever I felt a bit low today, I remembered that sentence. Then felt immediately all sorts of green sprouting up behind me, as if my steps -my deeds-left something good and new. That was nice. But it made me also more aware of my sadness, and the lack of confidence in my life-path. All that new green is so optimistic, it formed a big contrast with my own low feelings. Well, not a bad thing to be aware of ones’ feelings.
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