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What is at the Centre of my Life


It is an enigmatic painting that we see here. It is painted by Diego Velásquez, and called “Las Meninas” (Maids of Honour). 


On the painting we are inside the studio of Velásquez. On the left side we see the painter and the painting he is working on. In the middle we see a little girl, a princess, with her Maids of Honour and her playmates, a dwarf and a dog. Her father and mother, the King and the Queen are being painted. We see their image reflected in the mirror on the wall of the back side of the room (you can see it better if you click on the picture, that makes it bigger).

What makes this painting so enigmatic is that it is unclear who is the centre of the painting. Is it the little girl? Obviously she is the centre, because she is in the middle and the light is focused on her. But thematically it could also be the painter, for it is his studio that is depicted and the process of posing and painting. Also the King and Queen could be it, their portrait is being painted, they are paying for it and all the figures are looking at them (the little princess with some uncertainty in her eyes). The Maids of Honour are even fussing if the princess is dressed all right and behaves properly in front of her father and mother, the powerful King and Queen. Lastly even we as viewers could very well be the centre of the painting, for it is as if everybody looks at us.

This painting represents in a way our lives. On the surface it is clear who is at the centre of that. That are we, ourselves (we as the little princess). But behind that is another story to tell. What it is that drives and rules our life, what is at the centre of it, what makes us do the things we do, is often unclear to us.

All this has led me to the following question for which a tarot card inspires the answer: What is at the centre of my life, what rules my life? 


I have pulled The Seer (the High Priestess in the RWS). On this card a Fey sits on a big stone seat and reads a book.

At the centre of my life I am searching for balance. The Fey sits in exactly in the middle of her seat, peaceful and quiet. But there is more The Fey reads a book and does not look up to greet us. This teaches me that my life is being ruled by trying to live from my inner centre, being concentrated on my own learning, looking for inner and outer wisdom, not wanted to be distracted from that. Still there is more. The Fey wears a violet band around her neck, and a blue stone near her throat. These two represent honesty and clarity to me. Since they are near the chakra for speaking, they show me that next to the search for balance and wisdom I am also trying to speak my own truth. Thus, the search for balance, (inner) wisdom and integrity is that what rules my life. This Seer represents these qualities. I have not developed them yet, that takes me a lifetime I think, but the search for them is ruling my life.
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