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Vélazquez for a Second Time Around

Yesterday I have pulled a card -inspired by a painting of Velázquez- to the question: “What is at the centre of my life?” I have pulled the Seer from the Fey Tarot (the equivalent of the High Priestess) and I came up with three issues: the search for balance, (inner) wisdom and integrity. Today I delve deeper into that. 


When I shut off the computer I saw the card of the Seer again and I thought: “She looks like me, as I looked when I was younger, that thin face. And oh, so vulnerable she is here now on my screen, with those naked shoulders.” A reason to delve deeper into what is the centre of my life. 


So, I thought I’d pull a second card with the same question which would give me more information: “What is at the centre of my life, what rules it”? I have pulled the Stars (the equivalent of the Star) from the Fey Tarot as an answer to that. 


We see a Fey on this card who stands on a balcony, enjoying the stars. The stillness of the night and the rain of stars bring her into contact with the divine and are renewing her.

This card adds another dimension to the Seer, the card that I did pull yesterday, namely, contact with the Divine and regeneration. At card of the Seer, the fey is reading a book. Yesterday I saw this as a means to come into contact with her (inner) wisdom, so she would be able to speak her own truths and find more balance in her life. Now I can add something to that. By reading that book she is not only coming into contact with her inner self, but also, at the same time, with the Divine (see the infinity-symbol on the book). I think her vulnerability (those naked shoulders) shows that she is open to make contact with the divine. This contact with her inner self and with the Divine regenerates this Fey and brings her more balance, wisdom and truthfulness.

Thus, “What is at the centre of my life?” My answer has an added dimension now: At the centre of my life is the need to come into contact with my inner self and with the divine, which regenerates me and helps to give me in the search for balance, wisdom and truthfulness in my life.
Tags: art, fey tarot, high priestess, star

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