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A Way Out

Tonight I have pulled a card that represented the blessing of the day. I received Six of Swords from the Golden Tarot of the Tsar (you see a part of the card on the picture). 


Six of Swords means (among other meanings) gaining perspective and a start in solving problems. Today I have found a resolution for a problem I was worrying about for a long time. I am glad about that and I feel very relieved.

The card depicts a man in a sailboat. Meant here is a story from one of the gospels in which Jesus teaches in a boat. A friend showed me a way out of my worry, how I could gracefully do what I wanted to do, so there was some teaching involved.

I felt supported as well, which is a great feeling.

Blessing of the day is that I know how solve my problem and that I feel supported in doing that.
Tags: blessing of the day, golden tarot of the tsar, six of swords

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