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Lightly through the Day

I thought it would be nice to draw a ‘touch stone card’ for today. A ‘touch stone card’ is a card that guides you through the day. The card shows how to make the best of it.

I have pulled the Page of Wands from the Gilded Tarot. 


I did not like pulling this card, because the suit of Wands is an active one and I am tired. Of course ‘randomness’ or ‘synchronicity’, Spirit, the unconscious or whatever guides me pulling the right card knows that. Therefore I pulled another card to explain what this fiery page meant for me today. The difference between the two cards helped me to interpret the Page. My second card was Ten of Wands. 

The man that is pictured on the Ten of Wands carries a heavy load. He is burdened by all those ten wands in the suit: by all the tasks that he has started and decisions he took but still must be carried out. He must keep all these sticks on his back and he must go forward as well. The Page of Wands is carrying just one wand, he is just beginning on his journey through the suit of Wands. He is carrying it lightly, he is not burdened as the man on the Ten of Wands. But although the boy carries his stick lightly, he is determined in what he wants, and walks with a straight back.

Today I must not see myself as someone carrying a heavy load, that does not enhance the quality of this day (it never does in fact). I need to carry myself lightly through the day, doing the tasks that lay before me determined, but with a light heart, putting in a spark of fun and laughter now and then, and I must not do too many tasks.
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