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Summing up my Day

Tonight I have pulled a card that sums up my day. My card was Queen of Swords from the New Palladini Tarot (this evening I taught the Court Cards in a class, and just now I pulled one, funny is that). We see a brave woman there, decisive, in a fighting attitude and a bit rigid. 


I had a fight with myself today. I am working on a tiny, tiny article of one and a half page for the Tarot Magazine about learning the numerology of the tarot with angels. Angels are the subject of the next issue of the magazine. In this article I describe an exercise I use in class. I am writing it on the computer. Typing is difficult for me: it gives me pain when I do it to long or too tensed. Since the end of June I have typed an entry everyday, and I thought  "Heck, why not an article then?" Well, I went on doing it. It gave me tension, and tension gives pain, and I could not stop. I could not stop, because I wanted to stop so much. My eyes were set on one thing: finishing it so I could send it away, and the pain would stop. My fight was to stop typing and let it be, look at the article tomorrow. Regretfully I could not do that, quite rigid.

What is so interesting, all this is about arms and looking at the card right now, I do not like the arm of this queen. She wears a coat of mail. Scary. Cannot delve into that. Bedtime.

I must say I had a great class tonight (due to the people in it), and I was very decisive in there (planned an extra course right on the spot). Stopped in time as well,  so that was nice. It is not all that bad.
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