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Christs' Tenderness

    What we see here is a painting of the Coronation of the Virgin, painted by Bernardo Daddi, about 1340 in the workshop of Giotto. Depicted is the crowning of Maria as Queen of heaven.


Daddi was an apprentice of Giotto. What stands out in this painting, and what makes this picture different than other pictures of this theme around that time (for example by Giotto), is that Christ body is bent towards Maria. By doing it this way Daddi shows the tenderness Christ felt towards her. 

Today I have pulled a card inspired by this painting. The theme for my card is: “How Christ shows tenderness towards me”. 


The card that I have drawn is Spear Maiden from the Arthurian Tarot (the equivalent of Page of Wands). The card is very different from the painting by Daddi. The young girl on the card runs free though the woods while she is hunting; Christ and Maria are sitting still and close togehter. Still, I know that this card fits just right.

The Spears in the Arthurian Tarot make wounds. Spears show what hurts in our lives and the cause of that. They can also bring into memory wounds that are still there, but are forgotten. All this is in order to heal them.

The way Christ cares for me and shows tenderness towards me, is encouraging me to feel free as this young woman, running through the woods and going after my own goals. In running free I encounter an old wound. Something inhibits me running that free through the woods. By encountering that wound I will be able to heal it (at least a bit better than it was healed until now). That is how Christ is showing tenderness towards me, by letting me run free.
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