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Maria and Me


Maria is the most important feminine image in Christianity. Especially in the catholic church she is revered. In my tradition she is not. We are very male oriented. I miss the feminine side of God in my tradition.  

For me to be able to relate to a feminine image in my spirituality is important . Therefore today I have asked a question about Maria. I have asked about her youth. “How do relate to Maria in her youth?” 


I have pulled Spear Maiden (Page of Wands) from the Arthurian Tarot, the same card as yesterday. I must say there is a big difference between this card and the painting you see on top, which shows a devout, and serene girl with down-cast eyes. To take this further: Maria is fact quite stiff and closed up, untouchable like our High Priestess from the RWS. You could say that free running maiden criticizes all that. And she does, certainly. One should waste ones'  youth being devout.

But, to me the similarities between picture and painting are more important. Both the girl on the card and the painting are young, and look young. Their life is lying untouched before them, is not yet mapped out. And, besides that, all that green and all those flowers on the painting make this girl belonging to the growth belonging to the suit of Wands (the equivalent of the Spears).

In this way Maria in her youth relates to my need and longing for youthfulness, to the wish to run free without too heavy felt responsibilities or too many doubts. This way, she brings me into contact with a wound, the wound which inhibits me to run free, and to feel free. Again this card, just like yesterdays’, stimulates me to come over that. There is one thing I cannot change though, and that is my age.

Painting: Joseph Stella, The Virgin
Tags: art, arthurian tarot, maria, page of wands, religious question

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