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Maria as a Mother and Me (Part 1)


Today my question is: “How do I relate to Maria as a mother?” The day before yesterday my subject was how I related to Maria in her youth. The card I have received today was The White Hart (equivalent of The Lovers from the RWS), from the Arthurian Tarot.

There are a man and a woman on this card and at the back of the card is a white deer. It is the deer in the distance that my eyes fell on, I noticed the peaceful atmosphere, and the faint traces of a path on the foreground The white hart (deer) on this card is a messenger from the 'Other-world' He brings spiritual adventure and the purity of love (says the book along the deck). 


Funny enough the scarf around Maria’s head is as white as the deer is. For me the relation between the deer and the woman is the same as between Maria and the child. The woman feels guided and uplifted by the white deer, just as baby Jesus is nourished by Maria his mother. Difference between the card and the painting is that deer and woman are further away from each other than Maria and Jesus.

Now, how do I relate to Maria as a mother? I am not relating to her as a 'collegue-mother'. I cannot see that in the card I have pulled. The Lovers is a card of longing, love and decision. I think I could say that there is a certain longing in me to relate to Maria as a mother. (I saw the traces of a path on the card), since we do not have many feminine divine images in Christianity and God is almost always seen as a father. I must acknowledge the woman feels guided and uplifted. But oh dear, oh no, I do not feel comfortable relating to Maria as a mother, am I not an independent woman?

Painting: Andrea Solario, Madonna with the Green Cushion.
Tags: art, arthurian tarot, lovers, maria, religious question

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