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The Cowardly Lion and The Guardian Angel

This morning I taught the Inner Child Cards. At home the students had done a spread about the Cowardly Lion, the Seeker of Crystals (Knight of Pentacles), a well-known figure from the musical The Wizard of Ozz. Two of the questions in that spread were: “What is your false identity” by which you protect yourself (for the cowardly lion makes a lot of noise, but is fearful on the inside). and “What is your true identity”. Wonderful, profound and interesting cards came up. I already have pulled cards to these questions when I developed this spread, but that was a long time ago, so I did pulled them again today.

To the first question, “My false identity”, the answer was the image of the Cowardly Lion himself, the Seeker of Crystals. I am fearful, as the lion, but I try do not show it, I try to go on bravely. I find that this card relates to the one I have pulled a few days ago on November 24th, the Nine of Spears, on which the image hard cliff is depicted (the equivalent of Nine of Wands, the wounded man brave man in the RWS) the card I have pulled for my resistance against Maria as a Divine Mother to me. My resistance is that I defend myself bravely, as a rock and as the fighting man, but I am wounded and tired of doing that. 


To the second question, “My true identity” the answer was the Guardian Angel (equivalent of Temperance in the RWS). This image is showing me that I protect myself as the angel on that card. For everyone this morning finding and living their true identity was a challenge, that had to be faced over and over again. So it is for me.

What will happen if this sinks in and if I live my true identity? Well, I do not have to prove myself so much (as the lion does) and I will be able to relax more, not stress and run so much. I do not have to ‘brag’, as the lion does when he first meets Dorothy. Feeling protected I will be able to find more of an inner balance (the usual meaning of Temperance) . I will be able to enjoy more, not having to prove so much.

The Guardian Angel is also connected to something what I have done a few days ago, to a visualisation: “entering a card”. I did not yet post that, wanting to explore other things first. I hope to post it tomorrow. 
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