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I have pulled a card for the ‘blessing of the day’ and I received The High Priestess from the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot. 


I like this card, the peace of this cat who sits with her book on her lap in the twilight of the evening; content with how things are and using her wisdom just by sitting there and doing nothing. She also is self-contained, restricting herself. Self-containment was my challenge today.

In January a new course starts. The Fool will be the subject of the first lesson. Today I was tempted to expand the lesson with more spreads and an with example of a ‘fool’ from a magazine. So, I searched in the supermarket for an article as example -which was really nice doing that again- but I could not find the right one. I had wanted to use a fairytale for an extra spread of the fool, and I could not find a right fairytale either. So, I did not expand my lesson and I think that is wise. It has been my experience in the last course (that went from the card of the Tower to the World, quite complicated cards with many themes), that a few people just did all the spreads as homework whatever I said. I even tried it with an oracle once: “Which theme is useful for you to work on, number 1, 2, 3, or 4, draw a number, you only have to do the spread that belongs to that theme”. But still.. always ended up doing all of them, sometimes far beyond their boundaries. That was not my intention. I know I do not have to feel bad about it, but I do. Besides that, the Fool is a sort of ‘empty’ figure, I want to keep it that way. Therefore the lesson stays the same, with the same information (which was interesting rereading it) and one spread about the symbolism of the card and that is all. Well.. apart from two little exercises.

My blessing of the day is that I have contained myself.
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