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Maria as a mother and Me (part 6)

Many things to write about. Today Advent begins, but there is still one entry missing from Maria in her motherhood. She is a mother and I am a mother too, so I cannot skip this side of her relation to me, but I have very little time.' 


Again I have pulled my card from the Arthurian Tarot, like all the other cards I have pulled the series about Maria. The card that I received was: Stone Three (the equivalent of Three of Pentacles). 


I is funny, Maria is mainly an image for me (I try to get her to live in my life, but I work with an image, a painting), and here on the card we see an image too, a huge line-drawing of chalk. It is a man. Before that on the forefront we see a bare field that is ploughed.

That the figure is male implicates that Maria as a mother brings me as a mother into contact with the male energy in me.

It’s weird, but that is just the issue I am struggling with as a mother at the moment. Sometimes I am too nice, not firm enough. I am trying to change that right now. This card encourages me to go on with that.

So, what is my relationship to Maria as a mother then, being myself a mother as she is? I think I should say that she encourages me to fulfill my task as a mother, at the moment by being firm.

I must dash now, it is almost “Sinterklaas” here in Holland (Saint Nicholas); a traditional feast which is celebrated on December 5th. On Sinterklaas presents are given with poems that tease a bit. Often presents are wrapped in a way to surprise the person who gets it. My daughter, ten years old, is making a Spongebob figure to wrap and hide her present in. So, off to fulfill a motherly duty by helping her.
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