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Tuesday after Sunday Advent 1, Isaiah 2:1-9

It is late already. Sint Nicolas came today and brought us many presents and lovely, teasing and touching poems. 

I have read Isaiah 2:1-9 today. In this passage are the famous sentences about the swords that will be turned into plowshares: “And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.” In the whole passage is a great longing for harmony and peace; a longing that once there will be no war anymore, and that all the nations will want to go to the mountain where God has his home in order to enjoy the fruits of his life-giving law. 


Such longing and hoping for peace can make one desperate, because, how on earth is that possible in our world? The Breviary takes this feeling of hopelessness very serious. In between this Isaiah-passage there is a prayer that asks if the heavens will rain the Righteous, and if the earth will torn open to bring forth the Redeemer.

To this I have pulled my card: I have asked for an image of the heavens that rain the Righteous, and of the earth that is torn open to bring forth the Redeemer. 


I used the Tarot of a Moongarden and I have pulled Seven of Swords. Five dragonflies as swords are flying in the air on that card, and two of them are planted on the ground. It is as if the five dragonfly-swords come from above from heaven as a gift, as the rain in the breviary that gives us the Righteous. The two dragonfly-swords that are on the ground make way for the Redeemer who will come out of the earth.

This wonderful image gives me what I have asked for: an image of both heaven and earth that bring us the Righteous and the Redeemer.

Behind this version of the Seven of Swords I see the same card from the RWS before my eyes. On that card a man walks away stealthily with five swords in his hands. It is often said about the Messiah that he will come as a thief in the night, and that we need to be ready for it. In other words: peace will come unexpectedly, but we need to be ready for it, thus we must work on it and long for it. Wonderful is that heaven and earth both are in play here. Both are necessary. Our longing is symbolized on the card by the two dragon-swords in the earth, their wings wide open to receive the Messiah, as if we are ourselves the Redeemer that has brought forth the Redeemer. The five swords in the air, connected to heaven with their wings, and coming down to us, symbolizes the Righteous that is rained by the above. 

Subject painting: turning swords into plowshares, airport Denver.
Tags: advent 2006, isaiah, religious question, seven of swords, tarot of a moon garden

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