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Saturday after Sunday Advent 1 Isaiah 7:1-14

It is late now, I had a Winter Fair till nine o’clock in the evening. Tomorrow I must go there again.

The text of the breviary today is Isaiah 7:1-3; Isaiah 7:10-14. In this text is promises God that the messiah will be born. Het does that to a panicking King Ahaz, who is afraid his kingdom will be run over by invading countries. These are the words of the promise: “the a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel”.

Before this promise God has suggested that Azziz should ask for a sign by God to encourage Azziz that he would win: “Ask thee a sign of Jehovah thy God; ask it either in the depth, or in the height above.” But Azziz does not want to that. At that moment God gives the promise of a son born from a virgin.

What has surprised me is that Azziz does not want to ask for a sign. The reason for this is that he does not want to tempt God. I have asked myself "Why not?" Is it not God himself who suggests him to ask for a sign? So, why this doubt? I have pulled a card for an answer to that question.

I have receive Two of Swords from the Tarot of a Moon Garden as an answer to my question. 


I do not know if I read this card well, tired as I am, but I read it with in the back of my head another version of this card that I have read today for someone on the fair (Two of Swords of the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot). The person I have read this card for doubted if she should go on with a relationship that was in a begining stadium because the man she dated was from another class: “I do not know if I dare to let him sit on my couch,”  she said. The difference in class bothered her, and resulted in an inner conflict. Back now to the story of Azziz. Probably Azziz feels "less" than God, as "in another class" and does not want to show himself. He likes to stay in the dark (blindfold) rather than run the risk to receive an answer, which he expects to be bad, since he feels unworthy towards God. In this way the card that I have pulled confirms Azziz words in the bible passage: Azziz says that he does not want to tempt God, and tempting presupposes an unequal relationship.

God really reaches out after Azziz' words. “Well if you do not want to ask for a sign, I give one to you”, and comes with his promise of a son born from a virgin. All of Isaiah till now is full of this attitude. God reaches out and the people do not answer, and he reaches out again. It is a relational minded God here, feeling really responsible for the relation with its people.

I hope all this is not too incoherent.

O yes, about the reading from this afternoon with the Bohemian Cats Tarot: the cat on Two of Swords wears a striking skirt. I did not think the couch would be a problem and I hope the person whom I read for invites her date because she liked him a lot. 
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