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Monday after Sunday Advent 2, Isaiah 13:4-11

Today the passage in the Breviary is a difficult one. It is a vision of Isaiah, a prophecy that God will destroy Babel, Isaiah 13:4-11. “Behold, the day of Yahweh comes, cruel, with wrath and fierce anger; to make the land a desolation, and to destroy its sinners out of it. For the stars of the sky and its constellations will not give their light. The sun will be darkened in its going forth, and the moon will not cause its light to shine.” 
In the book of Jonah God turns his hart around. He promised to destroy a city, but in the end he did not do it because the people had changed their behaviour. So I wondered, what would make God turn around, making him have mercy with Babel, and with us? So I have asked the question: “What will make God’s heart turn around?”

I have pulled six of Staffs (the equivalent of Six of Wands from the RWS) from the Tarot of a Moon Garden. 


On the one hand I see a very determinant God here on this card. The unicorn, which I see here as an image of God, holds his horn straight forward, and steps forth like the horse on the Death card. He will not stop. Never. No one can come in his path, good or bad. It looks as if nothing ever will help to turn this God around. 

On the other hand, the unicorn is an animal from above, from heaven or the so called ‘other world’. This animal makes me think of the donkey Jesus rode on when he entered Jerusalem. Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king, clothes were spread out on the road for him to ride on, but he was riding on a donkey, not on a horse. This made him a special king, one without worldly powers. He was a king without defences, naked, vulnerable, as white as the unicorn. What turns Gods’ heart is surrender, a giving up of our defences, opening up and realizing our vulnerability, our finiteness.
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