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Monday after Sunday Advent 3, Isaiah 28:1-6

On this day, on which my husband made an English plum pudding, on which I have written many Christmas cards, besides doing a reading and work on my lessons, on this very busy Advent day, I have read a prophecy of disaster by Isaiah, Isaiah 28:1-6, suggested for this day by the Roman Breviary, and pulled a card alongside it.
In this passage Isaiah foretells the destruction of the region of Samaria. Samaria is like a fig, Isaiah says, a fig that is eaten up before the summer, because it is ripe before its time. 

 My question about this passage -for which a card inspired the answer- was: “With what am I too early, so early that it cannot survive?” 
I have drawn The Hermit from the Tarot of a Moon Garden. The Hermit is wise. He has reached a top and shines his light for others to show them the way. Was I wise too early? Probably I acted too wise before my age. I think I did. That’s something that leads to nothing, or it leads in the end to destruction like Samaria in the prophecy by Isaiah. 


A few weeks ago I’ve pulled the Page of Cups, not one time, but several times. The Page of Wands came up as well. The Hermit, the card of today, resonates with these pages. My role is often that of a wise counsellor or a helper, and I feel strongly the need to counterbalance that with exploring my own inner self in a playful way, like a Page of Cups, in order to nurture myself, or with having fun as a Page of Wands.
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