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Thursday after Sunday Advent 3, Isaiah 33:2-6, 13-16

This entry will be very brief, due to the activity of decorating the Christmas tree and going to the Christmas service organized by the school of my daughter. That was very lovely and moving, little children dressed as lambs, and the Christmas play was funny. But, to be honest, I had forgotten the service. Yesterday I went to her street-dance performance and I had forgotten that today there was something as well for me to attend. When I came home from doing groceries there was a typed paper on the front door that said: “Mom, I am gone to the Christmas service now. I find that you must not forget my activities”. I was home just in time, she was still inside, crying.
So, a brief entry. The text of today in the breviary is Isaiah 33:2-6, 13-16. The first of the two passages looks forward to a time in which there will be stability, salvation and wisdom. The passage starts out saying: God (…) be our arm every morning, our salvation also in the time of trouble.” In these busy days, in which there is too much to do for one day, and in which I am forgetting important activities, I am looking forward to stability. Therefore my question is: “What will give me stability?”
I’ve used the Tarot of a Moon Garden to pull my card, and I have received: Three of Swords. Three swords are wounding a heart, but the swords do not pierce the heart. “All that is sacred still flowers within, and the heart radiates its essence”, says the book that accompanies this deck. Three of Swords is traditionally a card of loss, pain and mourning of lost love. This version is slightly different because the swords do not pierce the heart and what is inside the heart is shown. 


What will give me stability? I think it will give me stability if I did not look at myself as a real bad mother forgetting the Christmas service. My daughter cried, I felt really bad about it, but probably, in essence, the relation is ok. This accounts as well for the other issue, having too much to do in one day, although that is less important than the relation with my daughter. I do what I can, and I do it with love. 
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