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Quarter-Temper Friday in Advent, Luke 1:39-46 (Part Two)


Yesterday I have pulled the King of Cups from the Tarot of a Moon Garden as an answer to the question to what my hopes were as an unborn child. The question was inspired by Luke 1:39-46, that tells about the meeting of Maria and Elisabeth, both pregnant.  I could not make much of the card that I had pulled yesterday evening. "Oh that is me," my husband responded immediately, when he saw this card. My husband has dark hair, just as the king on the card had. He is also sensitive, just as the King of Cups. Yes, well, I like my husband -love him dearly- but not the figure on the card. 

After some thinking and soul-searching I think that I'd hoped for trust and integrity. Not that I see that in this King, on the contrary. First I had to look into what I did not like about this king, and then I got to my answer. That always helps, in the case of bible-texts as well as in the case of tarot-cards. There is more to this card though related to my question, but I cannot grasp it really. 

Tags: advent 2006, king of cups, luke, religious question, tarot of a moon garden
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