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Sunday Advent Four, Christmas Eve, Isaiah 35:1-7


Today, on the last Sunday of Advent and for this year the last day of Advent the old Roman Breviary has a text by Isaiah with beautiful parts in it (Isa.35:1-7). It speaks of a desert that once will blossom as a rose. It speaks of the lame who shall walk and of the deaf who shall hear. It speaks of all the things that our world needs so much on this Christmas-eve.


Today my question is: What needs our world the most?” I have picked my card from the Roman Breviary, like I did all Advent and have pulled: Page of Swords. 


On this card a boy holds his sword up high to fight a dragonfly-sword. A dragon is curling around his feet. What our world needs most, I think, is that we humans stop fighting, that we put down the sword and begin to look in the direction of our feet, to the dragon that is lying there. Then we can start to become aware of our basic instincts, our desire for power, and our limited perspectives from which we often react as if we are threatened. Then hopefully chances are that the desert shall rejoice and blossom as a rose. Then the Kingdom and the Messiah will come. 
Tags: advent 2006, isaiah, page of swords, religious question, tarot of a moon garden

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