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La paix

This winter I sent Aline Post a postcard with a picture of this window.
It is made by Marc Chagall, and it is called "La Paix" or "l'Arbre de Vie". Aline liked it, stuck it at her noteboard, and now she has seen it in reality (in Sarrebourg). The photo is hers.

The church -what we see of it- reminds me of coolness and calmness in the midst of the summer heat. It reminds me of taking a rest, before going out again in the blazing heat. The window itself is lively, and colorful. It all gives me a feeling of joy and peacefulness.

My Card of the Day is Queen of Pentacles from the Gilded Tarot. An accomplished women is showing and enjoying the fruit of her labor. I will do this today, bearing in mind not only this card, but also the peacefulness and joy from the church and window by Chagall.
Tags: art, nine of pentacles

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