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Old Year


Yesterday I have pulled a card to give me the theme of my past year. The card that I pulled was the Queen of Swords from the Tarot of the Secret Forest. I was wondering all day why I, as the Queen on the card, stood on a branch with prickles. Just this morning I was talking to my friend and neighbour Margreet about both our past years -in the meantime her husband Frank was frying delicious apple-turnovers and doughnut balls, which are traditional in Holland- and suddenly I remembered that my husband did start looking for a job in an other field, that scared me, and made the branch where I stand on ‘prickly,’ less safe, sort of. In addition to this, it looks as if the Queen stands in the middle of nothing, in a void, which emphazises this meaning. The Queen, me,  fears her future, hence the hands before the eyes. Sometimes an important meaning of a card comes a day later, or more…

Tags: christmas, old year - new year, queen of swords, tarot of the secret forest, twelve days of christmas

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