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New Year


For almost a week now I have The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot in my possesion. It sits right beside my bed and when I go to sleep I often pull a card to sum up my day. Yesterday, the New Year just a few hours old, after a long Old Years Day, I drew Nine of Cups. That showed aptly my day. I felt really fat, just as the elephant on the card, due to the cheese-fondue, the apple-turnovers and the doughnut balls we ate. But I also felt very content. The elephant on the card breathes out satisfaction. That is what I felt yesterday. Often it takes long till it is 12 o’clock, and before I know it I will get all gloomy, but not this year. We had a good time, eating our fondue, late because my husband had a service and that speeded up the time. We played a little game, and watched part of a film. 

The elephant has also something of an old year. Something 'seen it all, have it all' . Not having too prove himself anymore, indulged too much in the good things. Champagne bottles in the back remind of the new year to come. Ah well, it is started now.
Tags: fantastic menagerie tarot, nine of cups, old year - new year, summing up my day

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