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Evergeen Day, but not for Me


It is “Evergreen Day” now, in the tradition of The Twelve Days (well, this theme is invented tradition, but I gladly pass it on). I did not want to miss out on this one, a one-card spread about ones’ evergreen quality, but I have worked on the course for therapists and Inner Child Cards again; I went to a wonderful movie (about the child-crusade) and I just could not find the time for it. Maybe tomorrow.

The spreads for the course are not finished yet, but I have sent some drafts of them to someone who is working right now on inner child issues, has already experienced the tarot as an instrument for healing, and likes to do spreads. She does not work with Inner Child Cards, but that does not matter. So, from now on, I have someone concrete in my mind if I write something for this course. That helps.
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