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The Magician

Oh dear, tarot… How true it is... Yesterday, feeling down, I had pulled the Magician (from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot) to enhance my day, and discarded it immediately as too much of a challenge. I was not up to its flair and energy. 


But, yesterday evening I had to teach a class. And there and then the Magician popped up, right from the start. Energetic, communicating, conjuring up all sorts of tricks of the teaching trade - a bit of scattered energy as well (a downside of the Magician), for I forgot copies of enlarged versions of the Fool (subject of the lesson), and also the induction for the visualisation I use, which I had to do by heart now (went better than other times). All and all this definitely enhanced my day, and helped me to get over my sadness. I did not have to discard the Magician yesterday morning, I’d only had to wait until the evening… But that I did not know back then. And, another card that I’d pulled yesterday after discarding the Magician, gave me much insight into the reason why I was feeling so low. That is important as well. Tarot helps in one way or another.
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