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Worry (not grounded)

I have pulled a card to sum up my day. I’ve used the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot for that, and I received Nine of Swords. 


The card is about worry, worry, worry, often not grounded. On the cards the parents worry that the big bird will eat their little one (which it probably will).

First things first. I have had a really good day. I went to the copy shop with Aline, who is scanning my lessons and all the cards in them and the result is very beautiful.

The card that I have pulled though, shows my day on another level. It shows my worry. I forgot to give Aline some texts, and I worried about that. I typed this afternoon, and it was too much (luckily a friend came round and she took over). I worried about some other issues as well (it gets boring if I write them all down, it is worry itself that is the issue here).

I like this card, especially the RWS version. I have pulled it from the Fantastic Menagerie Tarot to sum up my day, but in fact the Nine of Swords does characterizes me quite a bit. I am always afraid something bad will happen, always worrying about issues that I should not worry about, because they are only a worry, nothing more than that, not grounded in reality. 


The picture on the RWS Nine of Swords is often comforting to me. The woman on the bed has only to lie down beneath the roses and the star signs on her blanket to find peace of mind. 
Tags: fantastic menagerie tarot, nine of swords, rws, summing up my day

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