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My Card of the Day is The Tower. I cannot scan it, the computer is broken. Yes, very towerish... I picked this card though with the intention of 'one thing to be, and one thing to do today'. So, The Tower is a recommendation for today.

I'm sitting very upright here, in order to relax my arms. They take the toll of my hope I will be able to type as everyone else. The past few days I scanned cards, sent a few long e-mails (and liking that very much), but I cannot do that really. I stretched the boundaries too far.

Some cards are on some days difficult to live with. For example, Four of Wands, my card from yesterday, is in itself a card with a positive outlook, but I did not like it yesterday. The card from today, The Tower, is a so-called 'ga-ga' card, but today I like it. It calls for surrendering, and that is a relaxing thing to do for me. I cannot do everything what I want and if I can surrender to that, it is great, because it relaxes. It helps the muscles (and relaxing helps me in the end get on with the typing...). 


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