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Putting Things into Perspective

This morning I have asked the tarot how I could enhance my day. The answer was Six of Swords from the Motherpeace Tarot. Depicted are six different women flying in the air, forming a circle, high above the ground. The card recommended me to put things in perspective, keep distance, and to see the bigger picture (when you fly high above the ground you see an overview: “the bigger picture”). 


Putting things into perspective was really, really difficult for me today. It was in fact so difficult that I could understand very well that would enhance my day a great deal if I could do that. The card was a bit of burden, because I could not do it.

At one issue I succeeded. I had an interview on the regional radio today, and the interviewer called me and told me she was late. “Oh no,” I thought, I did not feel too well, and I had lots and lots to do. But in the second phone call, when she announced that she would be later and later and later, she also explained why. That gave me “the bigger picture,” I could understand her, and that helped me.

I have had a great Tarot and Dreams class tonight. That cheered me up immensely, which helped to get perspective as well. But during the day... oh dear. During the day I just stayed put like the blindfolded and bound woman on the Eight of Swords.
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