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Keeping the Fire Burning (Imbolc)

I was thinking of the Goddess Brigit today, because the festival of Imbolc comes closer and this goddess belongs to Imbolc. Brigit was once an Irish goddess, an important one, and became later a Christian Saint as well. Story goes that nineteen nuns in a convent at Kildare kept a fire burning all day and night to honour her.

I thought of the structure and the discipline it needs to keep a fire going all year round. One day or two, yes, that is possible, but for years and years… It made me wonder in what area of my life I need discipline. That is what I have asked the tarot today.

The card I have received as an answer to that question is Son of Wands, from the Motherpeace tarot (the equivalent of Knight of Wands in the RWS). 


The past week or so, I was worrying that maybe I am too flamboyant in my teaching, having too much fun. I must not give the impression that somehow I manage to laugh all what is serious and problematic away from the classroom. That would be not right. So, the first thought that came up at seeing this Son of Wands, entertaining an audience was: “Oh dear, this is me, drawing all the attention in the direction of gaiety.” Although I do not think the card really aims at that for me right now as the central meaning, but some of it does, it is something to be aware of, I do run a risk here.

This sunny and playful Son of Wands made me sad during the day. I asked in what area of my life I need discipline, and I have received a real open, fiery, playful, fun card. I certainly long to be as carefree about my appearance and behaviour as this Son of Wands is, and I do have him in me, but to be so daring and careless as he is… So, through the image the card points at me being stifled: often making excuses for my opinions, for what I say and do, for always feeling guilty making a faux pas. It is as if the card calls to me loud: “Please stop for once being so serious. Faults and many laughs, and drawing the attention are allowed here. If you want to have discipline in your life, for the love of God, be disciplined in these!”

Well, yes, this certainly looks like a post that contradicts itself, but, oh, well, maybe not.
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