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Gift of Imbolc

I did not post yesterday -did not feel well in the evening- so today I am still seeing my entry from the day before yesterday as the first enty in my journal. The card I had pulled for that entry was on my mind in the past day. It is almost Imbolc, a festival dedicated to goddess and saint Brigit. Tradition tells that nineteen nuns kept the fire of Brigit burning night and day, for centuries. This is something for which you need discipline.

So, in my last entry asked the tarot in what area of my life I need more discipline. I received the Son of Wands as an answer. I need more discipline in being more like the carefree Son of Wands who expresses himself. I have to be more disciplined in that because I often make the same mistake of stifling my energy of expression. To me this card is the great gift of Imbolc this year. 


Reflecting on this card yesterday, I thought: this Son of Wands puts himself in the centre. He is enjoying other people in that way, but I think, he does it mainly for himself.

I wondered what the main reason is that prohibits me to have more of this funny, expressive Son of Wands in my life. This is what I have asked the tarot today. Again I have pulled a card from the Motherpeace Tarot, and I have received the ‘Crone’ (the crone is a Wicca word, meaning older, wise woman, the Crone here is the equivalent of the Hermit in the RWS). 


The card pictures Hecate, goddess of crossroads and of the dark moon. Hecate is standing alone on a crossroad. She listens to her inner wisdom (her hand is at her ear) to know which road to go: what to do, or what choice to make. Above her is the lunar goddess flooding the sky, sending inner visions. The Crone then, as Hecate, listens to her own deep wisdom, relies on herself, is not afraid for solitude, and acts on her wisdom. 

Since this deck is round I sometimes work with the different positions in which I pick the cards. This card was reversed, which means to me right now, that I cannot tap in the wisdom of the Crone, my own inner wisdom. I am deluded in some way or another.

What prohibits me from being more like the carefree Son of Wands is that sometimes in my contacts I am more directed to the other and her or his needs than on my own, and in that case often I am deluded in thinking that I do things wrong for the other. That makes me stifled.

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