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The Divine and Me (Part Three)

Today another day and another card.

Oh, this sounds so depressed and boring…and I did not even got really another card. Again I have pulled a card that I already had pulled in the weeks leading up to Imbolc, just as my two last cards. It is if my deck consist of ten cards instead of seventy-eight.

I pulled the card as an answer to the question what could help me out in my stifled relation with the divine. It is the Ten of Cups from the Motherpeace Tarot. It was one of the cards in the Door-Spread, the card that showed me my wish for springtime; it showed me where I wanted to go. I was clearly not finished with it yet. 


The people on this card are thankful. They have prayed for rain and it is falling. They are naked, and they reach their arms up to heaven. Rain gives life. The rain comes down, and they are being cleansed by water. This is makes feel renewed (10 is an end and also a new beginning). So, it is a sort of cleansing card. That is what helps me coming out of this stifled relation with the divine: cleansing, which relaxes is renewing. Simple isn’t.
Tags: imbolc, motherpeace tarot, religious question, ten of cups

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