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Well-Fed, Confident Fish

Just like yesterday and the day before that I have pulled a card with the question “Who am I today?” The card that I have pulled was Nine of Cups from the Tarot of the Secret Garden.

The card shows a pool with fat, well-fed fish. 


Yesterday I felt vulnerable, that is gone now. Yesterday and today I was making scary, confronting spreads about the theme of the “father”. It is for a lesson about The Emperor, who’s meaning is, among many other meanings, one’s own father. Yesterday I was afraid of giving spreads to student that are too confronting. This group is a very therapeutic centred group, that is in fact the reason why I am making these spreads, but still… What helped me with my vulnerability is that yesterday evening I overheard students making appointments about working together. I am very glad about that. If they work together it is going to be all right, they will support each other, and they will have fun as well. So today I am not afraid anymore. The fish show that. They are relaxed and confident.
Tags: emperor, nine of cups, tarot of the secret forest, who am i today

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