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One thing to be and one thing to do: my task today is to confront The Devil, my Card of the Day from the Golden Tarot. 


It is a rather helpless devil depicted here, far less scary than The Devil in the Gilded Tarot, the one that I picked on July 8. The Gilded Tarot Devil's eyes are hidden; here they are visible.

Today I feel helpless, and a bit like the wailing woman on the forefront.

I have a decision to make today. I will disappoint someone (and myself), if I choose the one thing. I will be -and will be seen as- unreliable if I choose the other thing, because I am obliged to keep a promise, a decision I already took. The Lovers are about choices, but The Devil is about choises as well, choices you cannot or must not undo. I cannot do both. So I am wailing now.

Confronting The Devil for me today is to make a choice, instead of feeling helpless, and to take responsibility for my choice.

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