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Gospel of Thomas - Concert

Today I have pulled another Cup card! It is the King of Cups now! I have pulled it as an answer to the question "Who am I today?"


The King of Cups has more control than the overflowing Ace of Cups. I was indeed somewhat more in control today. I stopped after two hours working on the computer (to be honest, the task I had set myself was finished and I felt so nauseated by the computer I did not want to spend another minute behind it). Not too big a challenge… But sometimes even then, because I am angry at myself and my limitations I just go on. Not now though.

I had a concert today. We organized it with a group that my husband chairs. The apocryph (and a bit gnostic) Gospel of Thomas was the subject of the concert. Our group asked poets to write songs for solo singers, and after that composers to write music for the songs. We also asked composers to write songs on some verses of Thomas that could be sung by a choir. It was a big project that took us years, and the fundraising was hard. Especially coen_wessel, my husband, worked many hours for this concert.    

Text and music moved me this afternoon. I can still feel it in my body. I felt like the King of Cups from the card that I have pulled. It is if he holds the water lily up as a receptor, inviting feelings to come in and kept. All this music and these wonderful words came to me, as to this water lily, for me to keep. 
Tags: king of cups, tarot of the secret forest, who am i today

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