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Mary and Me

Because it is Sunday, I picked my Card of the Day from The Golden Tarot of the Tsars, a tarot inspired by Russian-Orthodox icons. Six of Cups is the card I received. In this version it represents 'the Presentation of Mary in the Temple'. 


It is if the parents are saying to the priest: "Here is our girl, is not she lovely?"

Another picture of the Presentation of Mary came into my mind, when I looked at my card. On that one she walks up the stairs, alone. 


Six of Cups is about remembering one's childhood (one of many meanings, it is a difficult card to interpret). Last night I dreamed of being lonely, of being different and less than other people. I remembered sometimes feeling that way when I was little.

My Card of the Day helps me to feel in an other way about myself: as being loved and very special. 


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