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It was all a bit too much today with the typing. A few lines in my journal.

The supplement “Mother Goddesses and Mothers” for the lesson on the Empress is finished now. Ten spreads are in there, plus information, adding up to 36 pages. People do not have to do it, it is just a supplement. I know, some will be very happy with it, but not everyone. Tomorrow my friend Lidy, the transpersonal therapist, takes a look at it. I am making things up along away about how things work in the psyche. They seem logical to me, but if they are right and Jungian…I don’t know. We look at it together and she types the changes immediately. If she could not do that I really could not let her take a look.

I have pulled the Chariot today as an answer to the question “ Who am I today?” I harness my conflicts and I go forward. 


Oh dear, when look at that card: I am well-fed, but naked, and my body is small. These wings are not damaged, but so big, they’ll catch the wind in a minute! In addition to that, I can hardly keep my balance on the insect that I am standing on. I am driven forward by my wish to finish the piece about the goddesses, and somewhere on that card is my deep rooted fear that my RSI catches me up from behind.
Tags: chariot, pain in arms, tarot of the secret forest

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