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Slaving and Partying

It is late. A friend came over, which was nice. I have used the Motherpeace Tarot in a reading for her. I almost never use the deck when I read for someone other than myself, but I have grown fond of it again, and it seemed appropriate as well for the subject, so I did it. Because I have used this evening, I used it just now now to answer the question: “Who was I today?” I have pulled the Ten of Wands. 


This is another deck than the one that I have used in the past weeks, but it is not another theme; another boundless card today. The women on the card are drumming until they are exhausted, they are slaves to the beat.

Was this me today? Did I go over the top? Yes, I was too busy, was late for everything, and did not always operate from my centre; boundless again. It was the result of me having too much to do, and of me wanting too do things perfectly. Some of it was all right though. This afternoon Lidy and I looked over the spreads I have developed last week, which was rewarding and this evening I was forgetting all time with my friend who came too visit me, and that was very fine as well.
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