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The Start of Lent

Almost Lent starts. I asked the tarot the question “What to do with Lent in my journal?” I do not know why, it is not an appropriate deck for the question, but I have used the Inner Child Cards.

I’ve pulled the Guardian of Crystals (the equivalent of the Queen of Pentacles) as an answer to my question what to do with Lent. 


Usually this card feels as a heavy task for me, for this Guardian carries in the world in her arms and my arms often hurt. It is not the arms that feel heavy, I feel choked. That is because of her crystal necklace: this woman communicates, speaks her truth. Whatever I do this Lent in my journal, I must speak my own truth, and feeling this choking sensation, I think that will be not easy for me.

I was thinking of following a schedule that more people use in these days, just to feel connected. I have felt lonely with the old Breviary that I read during Advent. The card is supporting that: by the globe that is depicted .

Further it recommends me not to be too personal, and connect and reach out to more people than my own little, sad, problematic self. Again it is the world in the hands of the Guardian that is showing me that.

A lot of fresh air is needed for there is a lot of air in this card, and soft caring feathers as well, but not too much.

I should prop the card up against my computer to stay with its refreshing spirit this Lent.
Tags: inner child cards, lent 2007, queen of pentacles

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