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Healing the World (Oh Dear)

I did a very interesting spread today with a friend, who is a therapist using arts. We began by both writing down our goal in our work. My courses were on my mind at the time, and I wrote down something like: I want people to become more independent and I want to give then instruments for that (the tarot).  

After that we picked a card, having in mind the possibility that an unconscious goal could come up, and after that a second card, for the question from which need this goal (card 1) stemmed. 


Here I tell about the first card, my (unconscious) goal. I have pulled the pink-purple Raphael without feet, who wants to heal the world, wich is quite an impossible task of course. Funny right now, but at the time I was shocked to pull that card. I got nauseated. So sad for me, such a heavy task, but too no avail.

I have pulled this card earlier in the Twelve Days of Christmas, I knew back then I was not finished with it. 

Tags: inner child cards, king of wands, spread, twelve days of christmas
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