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Not Holding the World in my Hands

It is difficult in readings to give a message that is not wanted. Tomorrow I want to practice it in class, and today I found a way to do it. I did practice it myself on myself, to see if it worked and this is the result. It works, but it needs a lot of laughing. Otherwise it is very heavy (hmm, my way to bring a difficult message across…) I must be brief, it is late already.
Two persons work with each other, one is querent, one is reader. Each pulls one card.
  • The querent picks a card with a message that she needs to hear but does what not want to hear.
  • The reader picks a card that shows how to get this message across in the best way possible.

Now one card from my own reading follows, which was not easy. Do not want to hear it.... The message that I do not want to hear, but do need to hear is pictured on the Three of Candlesticks (Wands) from my new Tarot of Jane Austen, made by  chelsearoad 


Three of Candlesticks pictures a young man who holds a globe in his hands. He is standing between boats. He is adventurous.  

It took a while, because I did not understand the card at first, but by drawing the opposite card as well, what I wanted to hear, helped me understand it. That was the Ace of Teacups (Pentacles). Saying: “You can do it, if you work for it”. I cannot.

What I do find difficult to take in and what hurts me that is that I have physical and psychic limitations, which makes that I cannot do everything that I want to do. I cannot be too adventurous. That would be not good for my health. That is something what I find very difficult to accept and I rather not feel the grief for that.    

The best way to bring this message across is by the Dame of Quills (Queen of Swords), She combines distance and compassion. I'll be my own Dame of Quills then. Passion and distance. Do not drown in it.  

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