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Lent and Henry Tilney

Tomorrow is the start of Lent. I want to read something from Scripture each day and pull a card alongside the text. I want that, but I am ambivalent about it. I did not even had the time to look at the texts and it could be a too grandiose project as well. Reading the old Breviary in Advent was really hard. I do not want to overstretch myself, sitting evening after evening till late at night sweating on passages from the Bible and cards I cannot make anything of. Since I can learn from the Jane Austen Tarot (made by chelsearoad) how to care for my health, relax at home and enjoy my hearth, I wondered what card would come up if I asked how this project would be for me.


The card that I pulled is based on Henry Tilney, a character from Northanger Abbey. Since this is the only book I have read by Jane Austen, I am delighted. Henry Tilney is the Knight of Candlesticks (Knight of Wands). He is a clergyman, and as such he brings people into contact with the divine. It is an honest, integer and idealistic man. Love and integrity in love is important for him. He goes against his strong-willed father, because he wants to marry the girl he loves, which his father did not want at first. Henry does things his own way, but not in a confronting manner. Furthermore, he is witty, humorous, well-read and lighthearted.    
It is funny to have drawn a clergyman for this project, for it is a Christian project. But it is the lightheartedness of Henry Tilney that helps me to feel all right about it. Henry does all things smoothly; he is so at ease that I think I will be all right in my project. Thinking of Henry Tilney I smell the scent of roses, all sweetness and love.
I’ll do it.      
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