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Third Day of Lent, John 1:35-42, Rabbi, Master

In the story from Scripture that I have read today, John 1:35-42, three man decide to see Jesus as their “Rabbi,” their master. They see Jesus as the Messiah, the one they were waiting for, the one who would save them and deliver them from their misery, and who could teach them important truths. These three man become Jesus first disciples. One of them, Simon, receives a new name, which is a sign of a new life that has begun.

I do not feel comfortable at all with these disciples. Just as I felt resistance against the other passages I feel it here again. You just go about calling someone your Rabbi and Messiah at the blink of an eye, as happens here. Would be kind of stupid is not it? God knows what you let yourself into…Yet, like the two passages I have read earlier this week in the these first days of Lent, this theme (following a master) is relevant for me. My soul and personality tarot card is the Hierophant, master of culture and religion in the tarot.

So, hmmm, a lot of questions are relevant here. Under what circumstances would I search for and follow a (religious) master? Who can teach me that what I need to learn in life? How does it feel for me to surrender myself to such a teacher/master? How can I compare the tarot with such a master.

From these questions I have chosen the following question: “Under what circumstances would I search for and call someone my (religious) rabbi/master?” I have used the Voyager Tarot for my answer. I have pulled the Moon as an answer to that question. 


The Moon in the Voyager is a card of longing and yearning, of wanting to merge and to connect deeply. The nose and lips of one of the two faces on the card is damaged, symbolizing a wound from way back. There is no centre on the card, at least I do not feel a centre; it is all rising and flowing. There no “me” and that is –however lovely the card is- the problem here.

I see myself in this card at a time when I was in a crisis and had lost my bottom and my centre.  I remember how open and vulnerable I was back then, reaching out for any, any help, I felt deep and many sad feelings and I had to trust and lean on others, for I could not lean on myself. I did not had a master then in the strict sense of the word, but luckily I fell into the hands of good people and they helped me to get my life and myself back together again. So it is not “Under what circumstances would I…” No: I actually have searched and followed a (religious) master! Funny how the tarot corrects me in that. To conclude, in times when I am in a deep crisis I am open to search and call someone a master, with all the dangers that go along with that.

Connecting the story with my own experience helps to understand and connect with these disciples back then who call Jesus Rabbi. They are like me. 

The readings stem from: Dienstboek, een proeve, Boekencentrum, 1998.  
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